3.2.1. LAUNCH!

     Welcome to our new page & Happy National Human Trafficking Awareness Day! A crazy coincidence is that we didn't intentionally know that launching our website would fall on this very special date, but it's actually no coincidence at all because it's perfect and we are really excited because of it! We hope to use social media as a platform to use our creative voices to share what we love and believe in, inspire justice and beauty, and empower others to find their creative voices. We are strong believers of creative integrity in art and fashion as a voice for unique expression, over seeking and conforming to trends and brand names. We love people who have their own style and can be bold and fearless with their fashion statement. We both have a huge heart for social justice and love fashion. As a result, we only support and promote only socially ethical brands and plan to officially launch our own line of clothing this coming SPRING 2015.  

     As globetrotters, we've both witnessed many social injustices such as measures of extreme poverty, sex trafficking and child trafficking, disease, hunger, and oppression. This past summer/fall of 2014, we were able to travel with Justice Speaks to Thailand and experience firsthand the realities of sex trafficking. However, we also had the opportunity to witness hope and beauty through restoration as well as take on trafficking prevention initiatives. In working with victims of sex trafficking as well as children that are at high-risk of being sold into sex slavery, we were able to understand that these injustices are very real and painful to see, but what is just as real is the hope and our power to do something about it! Our desire is to see life around us flourish and be a light, even in the darkness - and what can at times, seem like the most hopeless circumstances or lifeless places. Follow us as we pursue our dreams, travel, make our fashion statement, meet people and have the privilege of partnering with causes and projects we believe in. We know that everyone has a dream, and every dream that is birthed from even the smallest seed or desire which has a greater purpose that can touch the world. We believe even the most broken things can be made whole again. We've witnessed countless miracles and testimonies of healing, restoration, beauty, and hope. We want to use our resources, networks, support of friends, endless opportunities, and creative voices to make beauty known in the ugliest circumstances and places. Our mission in life is to love - life and people, and enjoy the process of our journey. Our dream is to see others believe in the power of love in their own lives, realize it's beauty, and allow justice to manifest outwardly as we are true to ourselves inwardly. We also want to have fun and make justice practical, tangible, and uplifting as we use fashion and art as our voice.

       Over the next few months, we will be growing our network, showcasing local stylists/fashionistas/ethical brands, and attending events including New York Fashion Week 2015, promoting ethical products, sharing inspirations, building our company, launching our clothing line, and spreading our message with the world. We will be sharing about topics about anything we believe is relevant to "JUSTICE," including fashion and art, beauty, people, testimonies and inspirational stories, outreaches, etc. We hope that you can be a part of our process in this exciting journey, be empowered, and be a part of our creative justice movement!

        We will also be taking PRE-ORDERS for items in our Justice Store, as a campaign both to raise awareness and funds for Social Justice causes we believe in and launch our clothing line as a start-up. We believe in that we will build momentum not alone, but through your support, voice, and partnerships. It would be an honor for us to have you be a voice with us, especially as we prepare to launch our official line this spring and return to Thailand again this summer 2015. We love you!

Love Your Friends, 

Jaimie & Drizelle