Yesterday, my friend Bo and I took a spontaneous trip to Joshua Tree National Park and we loved it! Despite the freezing cold weather, numb limbs, gusty winds with hair hitting our faces, we were set and determined to have our adventure, collect memories & photos, and explore some beautiful nature! On our way to Joshua tree, we were so excited for our adventure, we asked ourselves why we haven't taken the opportunity to "do things we love" more often. We both agreed on how we've always made excuses or found reasons why we couldn't and didn't instead of just doing things because we love it. I've seen people who have lived and loved passionately for things they "love." In response, they would easily invest and spend their time and resources for it because it was worth it for them. So, the take away for both, Bo and I was and is - Why don't we do the things we love, more often?      


       I've noticed that most of the times we hold back from doing things we love because of fear of what others may say or think, fear of failure or rejection, fear of our own disappointment and expectation, or even fear of discomfort, loneliness or change. But what if we all stopped letting fear steal our moments, our joy and opportunities, and instead, we began to pursue everything in our lives we love, with love, for love? I know there would be a lot more adventures and stories to tell. I think life would become much more fun, meaningful, and beautiful.

       I've asked my BO-tiful friend to model "Justice" for me hehe. Bo and I both have said that we love adventures, but we rarely ever go on them. It made me think: When we say we love something, but don't show it through our actions, I don't think we really have the right to say that we really love it. Why? Because love always acts on it's desire if it really means it. If we say we love someone or something so much, but keep silent and oppressed, we've submitted to the power of fear over love. We can say we love a sport, hobby, or people, but if we don't pursue them or show more than just a mere interest, our desire and ideas of love for something or someone don't match up to the action of love. Love has no "buts" or excuses; it just acts out of its unconditional nature. There's no hidden agenda or manipulation because it never acts to prove itself or work for self-gain, out of fear or pride. On the other hand, fear, which I believe is the opposite of love, often times interrupts our processes in order to keep us from courageously doing things we love and and grow in it's joy and reap its fruit.

     The fun thing I am learning is that taking action from love is never safe or comfortable. We drove for almost three hours, got a little lost, stopped by a restaurant we wanted to visit to find unpredictably that it was closed for the day, so we tried a different restaurant which probably was not nearly as good, but we had so much fun! Adventures are never perfect according to plan, but that's what makes them an adventure in my opinion. When we love what we do, we find that everything done in love is more fun, beautiful, fruitful and life giving. Of course, it always requires taking risks, but the risks are always worth it. Not because choosing to do things with love promises a predictable outcome or necessarily will always be received well, but because love itself is the most powerful force that never changes, never fails, and always promises hope. It makes people, places, and moments more beautiful, alive and meaningful. It takes us places. It allows us to focus on the beauty and not the negativity. In my times of doubt, discouragement, and disappointment, I've learned that it has always been because I've come to a negative conclusion before taking action. A conclusion about myself, another person, a dream and desire, or what's true about love and life. Most of my conclusions that have been influenced by fear are lies that have lead to death of dreams, confidence, and joy - and not love, life, and peace. Love is always good and because it is always for us; therefore, it can't fail us. Only love allows us to be free in all that we do without fear and despite circumstance: it reflects courage, beauty, and allows us to be resourceful and generous, without any holding back. Love has no conclusions, so let's stop allowing fear to make conclusions on our lives and start collecting more stories, experiences, friends, moments and dreams. I'm tired of fear hiding the wonders of life from me and others, so let's leave fear behind and adventure together!

Love Jaimie Mijin Park