Beauty in Brokenness

Riding on the edge of death

I've never felt more alive

I guess life was less scary when we used close our eyes

But beauty can't be seen when we're crippled by lies

Exposure stings but Truth never hides

So I'll take a leap of faith and finally open mine

Love everlasting:

I left myself for someone better

To a friend I loved, I sent a goodbye letter

To my flesh, I've upset her

Closure is what I found though

Living is more than about being a go-getter

A single resounding sound

And now, I wear a crown

Spirit filled, I'm one with you

The Kings authority transferred to me

I've inherited a crown of royalty

Everlasting, death conquered

in Forever, temporary isn't to be feared

No fear of death

Don't have much left

Breathless, but full of air in my chest

I used to stray left but now I walk right

I look Straight and Narrow, Because the path I knew was too wide.

A maze that I thought I could never escape

I cried out and knew being trapped wasn't my fate

So I'll stop hiding and reach up high

For higher than me and beyond the clouds

I've never seen the light

But now I’m willing

Because I know there's a fight

In me and its God-willing

I thought it was too late

But I found a savior

Nothing's impossible

With this love, I don't owe any favors

I yearn for more, all of life's flavors

So give me a taste of your presence

Until forever because I can't live without it

Anything you use me for, I'll allow it

Cause I'm your vessel and I know it

Once broken mended by your spirit  

You hear my cries, I know you feel it

I’ll bring you my brokenness cause I know you can heal it.