Slave Girl - A Justice Poem

       Slavery is a real thing. I see it often and physically as I meet eyes with victims of sex trafficking and extreme poverty, but I have also seen slavery evident in my own life and my first world, among the hard working middle class to the rich and famous. This is when I understood that freedom is not just a physical thing, but a spiritual one. I've found that breakthrough is less often times about circumstantial changes, but first starts with a transformative shift in the heart and soul. This shift drives us to always want more of the goodness it offers because true freedom has no limits. Breakthrough comes with a breakthrough in perspective: Love is the truth. It gives us boldness. The fruits of injustice are evident in things we witness around us: racism, slavery, poverty, etc. but when we live in justice - which I believe is love, we will see good fruits: freedom, beauty, and compassion. The greatest injustice is not knowing love. This poem is about being in the shoes of a slave girl, but also translates to the spiritual slavery of our generation. How can we be freedom fighters? We can first start with ourselves. What do we need freedom from? Justice is pursuing love, despite anything. To me, that's Jesus.

Bling bling is what she wears

White powder and skin so fair

Long sleek and wavy hair

Polished skin but a tattered heart

When did her slavery start?

One, two, three breaths she holds in

Before the next exhale, another strike at her heart.

Another glance is stolen, her heart is frozen

Another anonymous takes what once was her freedom

A beauty that was chosen, now purchased with a token.

Choking and cringing at the thought of her next lover


Like a tape that plays in her mind

Rewinded and replayed time after time

She doesn't remember how or why

She deserved to be trapped in such a undeserved life

Freedom is distant but hope is what she finds


She clings to the only thing that keeps her standing

Hoping one day to fly but afraid of where she'll land

Money can't take back all those lost nights

She wrestles and fights with herself

And contemplates the meaning of life

But after replaying memories one last time,

She remembers that she once knew true love.

She remembers that her freedom could be worth the fight.

She doesn't care about what she can lose anymore

but just wants to know the meaning of true love

She just wants to remember the beauty

that's illuminated by a permanent light

So she sneaks out of her enemy's sight


Bright in the night, the stars lead her

To a distant land called freedom

She wants to forget about her pain and suffering

She wants to break free from her numb

but feels that she can't give her unholy offering

until she finds herself caught, in the arms of love.

In one moment, she's free and her shame is undone.


In her makers arms, she remembers who she is.

She knows that nothing can separate her from this love.

She thought justice would be when revenge was done.

Until she was undone by grace's unconditional love.


By Jaimie Mijin Park

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