Happy Birthday, Rosa!

I want to honor this amazing woman because today is her birthday. So I wrote a poem about her! In elementary & middle school, we celebrated black history month by studying all the great leaders and activists in the civil rights movement. It instantly became my favorite month in school because it inspired me. I enjoyed hearing about courageous leaders who changed history despite how much opposition they faced. I loved hearing stories about normal people taking a stand to fight a greater fight. Rosa Parks' simple "no" sparked a whole movement. Her words gave others courage to also stand behind her. In elementary and middle school, we had to write reports about people we looked up to. I think I've written on Rosa Parks more than several times haha. What she did stood out to me so much and I think today, it's important to remember why.

Happy Birthday

To a woman I would want to meet.

Who would've dared to refuse to take the back seat?

They judged you by the color of your skin and you judged them by the hatred in their heart.

You hated injustice but never acted back with hate, only love.

You took a stand by taking that seat.

Maybe you were afraid when you sat up front, but you never planned to leave.

Courage planted in your heart, deep. Courage planted on that front seat.

Justice rising deep - what you did inspired me and so many others.

You bore the consequence, Number 7053.

A number that represents equality and justice, liberty and love.

It saddens me deeply that racism still persists.

It's evident there isn't just a small residue, but large deposits of hate.

Today, I hope that people will know that ignorance isn't bliss.

Because in the end, it harms our world and devalues human worth.

But even still, nothing will cancel out what you did.

You knew the value of a human being; you fought for human rights.

Mother of the civil rights movement; a hero to future generations that followed.

Hearing stories about who you were and what you did,

Help me cherish the words you lived by:

"...Never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right..." 

You give me courage and you give me hope. 

December 1, 1995 is the day you said no - and that was just the beginning.

Thank you for not giving in and thank you for not giving up.

You're honored for your bravery and admired for all that you did. 

World changer, my superhero, role model, justice lover, activist and fighter. 

Your words mattered, and they still matter now.

Let your legacy live on. Let your words resound through us.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Parks. 


Jaimie Mijin Park