The purpose of this blog is to document travels, share a growing vision and invite you to be a part of projects and causes that might inspire you. As I partner with friends who have developed their own non profits, businesses, and projects that make a difference in communities locally and globally, my goal is to share hope and create opportunities for anyone to get involved in local and global outreaches and projects. In this process, I hope to raise global awareness by highlighting stories and community projects that inspire the term "global citizen." In sharing and collaborating to make a positive impact, I aim to grow a unique marketplace that offers goods and services that inspire global awareness, accountability, and sustainability. LIV x JAW is a brand that contributes to an accountable marketplace, so consumers can be confident and proud that their purchases of all our products are directly funding and contributing to community projects and outreaches. Our marketplace will offer a variety of specialty products that may serve as a source of funding for projects, provide sustainable income for communities in need, and overall make a sustainable and powerful impact for those who want to live an inspired life.